Warrior Necklace

  • $52.00

This design deserved a great name and after some polling among friends it was given the name Warrior because it makes such a statement. The "arm" piece is made with three average sized horseshoe nails that are hand bent and soldered together. Nine pony sized horseshoe nails are also hand bent and attached together with stainless steel jump rings to form the hanging V below the arms. It hangs at 16" on a black or brown leather cord and also has a extra 2" extension to hang at 18". The pendant is coated with a metal sealer to prevent rusting. Comes in a 5x7 giftbox. 

Necklace weight: 1.2oz 

*** Credit for this design goes to the lovely couple I met who use to make and sell horseshoe nail jewelry in the 70's. They gave me their version of this pendant and said they would love it if I used this design. I am forever grateful. ***