Frequently Asked Questions

Are these real horseshoe nails? Yes 

Do you make your jewelry with old/used nails? No, my horseshoe nails are brand new. 

Where do you get your nails? From a farrier supply store.

Why don't you collect used horseshoe nails and use those? When a horse gets old shoes pulled off the nails are worn out, rusty and gross. They are not jewelry quality nails at that point.

Will my jewelry rust? No and Yes,,,, With age you will see a fantastic patina darkening the steel mildly and if you would like to brighten them up again just gently use some steel wool to get back the shine. Most people just let them age naturally and enjoy them that way. Not recommended to be in direct contact with water as to avoid rusting, however, you can dry it off quickly to avoid that from happening. But, if some rust does form just use some steel wool to take it off.

Are you the Crafter? Yes I am, I make each and every piece. When I am extremely busy a friend of mine will come over and help me by putting Swarovski Crystals on or anything else I need help with, and my husband will help with packaging/shipping sometimes.

Do you have to heat the nails to bend them? No I don't, they bend fairly easily. I have a huge assortment of hand bending tools and vices to get the bends I need.

How do you "connect" your more intricate designs? My items such as ornamanets, hearts and crosses are "connected" with lead-free solder. Its a process that uses a small torch, flux ( a cleaning agent ) and solder as the "glue". Any of my items that uses this process gets washed and dried immediately to get the flux off so not to get it on someones skin.

Do you sell wholesale? Yes I do, please send me an inquiry via email and I will fill you in on that. I also offer displays for free when purchasing enough products.