About Me

....well I'm horse crazy what can I say. I've always had horse jobs all my working life pretty much. I went to an agricultural high school, received a B.S. in Equine Business Management, did some showing, worked at several very large and well known horse farms, sold horse and farm animal grain, worked at a tack shop, was a veterinary assistant at an equine clinic for a very long time and now I own an old horse farm where I have some people who board their horses with me. I live with the horses, literally. My husband and I built a beautiful apartment above the horses in the old hay loft. So how do the horseshoe nails come into the picture? Well, that started around 2007 or somewhere around that. I just had the need to have a little hobby so I started making beaded jewelry and I liked it a lot. Then I got my hands on some horseshoe nails and I liked that even more and I couldn't stop. I was giving it away to friends and family who would tell me I should sell it. So I started selling it here and there, I would go to horse shows and set up a table and I would almost always sell out. Then my husband and I bought our horse farm, in beautiful New Hampshire, that needed a lot of work so I put the nails aside for several years to concentrate on the farm. Now that most of the big projects on the farm are complete, and I mostly have to keep up with the regular day to day farm stuff, I've picked the horseshoe nails back up and started creating again and I'm more creative now then when I first started!!! Sometimes my wonderful husband, if he has time, helps me solder orders together but for the most part it's just me, this horse crazy gal!!!