Full Race Horse Nail Necklace

  • $42.00

What a statement piece!!! Not as heavy as you would think and very fun to wear!!! Race horse nails are smaller than your classic nails. Handmade by me on my beautiful New Hampshire horse farm. 3 sizes to choose from are approximately 16", 18" & 20". Choose between the hunter or western bend, one direction or mirrored, pendant or no pendant ( not available on the western bend).

With age you will see a fantastic patina darkening the steel mildly and if you would like to brighten them up again just gently use some steel wool to get back the shine. Most people just let them age naturally and enjoy them that way. Steel will rust so not recommended to wear in the shower. If you do get them wet just dry them off and if some rust forms steel wool will take it off.   

Ships in a gift box