Classic Nail Bracelet

  • $28.00

((( Pony Nail Bracelets are OUT Of STOCK. If you order one it will not be fulfilled until after Christmas )))

These horseshoe nail bracelets are very comfortable to wear. Choose from 2 different Nail sizes: Pony nails (these are smaller and lighter) OR Average Horse size nails (which will give you a "chunkier" look). There are 14 different aluminum link colors to choose from. Please pick your preferred length and I will make it as close as possible. I will always "round up" the size if I can't make it exact and send along instructions on how to remove a link if needed for a better fit. Some folks let an extra link dangle like a charm (similar to a charm bracelet). All the nails are coated with a metal sealer to prevent rusting however, it is not recommended to wear this piece while bathing or swimming. Water will always corrode carbon steel, which is what the nails are. The metal sealer on these nails is meant for mild contact with water and not prolonged direct contact. 

If you would like a patriotic, rainbow or other custom color combo please leave me a memo during checkout. You will have to pick a random color just to complete the order :) 

Ships in a gift box.