Draft Horse Nail Snowflake

  • $38.00

For the love of Drafts!!! This ornament is made with draft horse size nails,,,, you know, like the Budweiser Horses!!! This horseshoe nail snowflake ornament is unique and rustic, it will create much talk around the tree this year or will will make a great gift for any of your friends and family for the holidays. I hand bend each nail myself and then use lead free solder to make the connecting design. The Snowflake itself is about 5" in diameter and comes with a rustic twine ribbon and also in gift packaging ( not a gift box). Because each ornament is individually made no two are completely alike. Different brand farrier nails may be used to create the same design depending on which ones I have at the time. Currently for this size ornament I only have the one design option.

Coated with a metal sealer to prevent rusting.