Dog Leash Hitch

  • $12.00

 This dog leash hook allows you to hitch up your dog temporarily when you need both hands for something. Great if attached by your home entrance so you can hitch up your dog while looking for your keys or getting the mail. Also great for veterinary offices, shelters or pet stores. Easy one handed on/off and designed so the leash can not come off on its own if your dog pulls on it. 

*** MUST be fastened with 2 screws into a wall stud or something else as sturdy ***

(((((( Not Meant To Be Screwed Into Just Drywall,,, must be put into a stud ))))))

((( Does NOT come with mounting hardware ))) Due to the many different structures that an individual may mount this hook on, it is recommended to pick out the appropriate screws at your local hardware store to ensure proper strength when mounting and safety for your pet.

Mounting plate 2 5/8” horizontal x 2” vertical
The actual hook comes out about 2” from mounting plate and the hook is 3” wide.
The two mounting holes are 7/16 (6mm)