Arinna/Sunburst Ornament

  • $22.00

*Please read about your options and watch the short video at bottom.

I've named this ornament after the the great sun goddess of Hittite, Arinna. Made with 7 draft horse sized horseshoe nails that are each hand bent by me. I then solder each nail with lead-free solder and it with a metal sealer to prevent rusting. Comes on a cute descriptive card that reads on the back:

"This ornament is named after the great sun goddess Arinna in Hittite mythology. Sources say she was the chief goddess and wife of the weather god Tarhunna. She was worshipped by the Hittians and was called "Queens of all lands". Arinna was the principle deity and patron of the Hittite empire and monarchy who occupied the highest position"

about 4" in diameter 

You have 3 options with this beautiful ornament:

1 - Simple with No Crystal = $22

2 - Single Side Crystal for hanging on a wall = $23

3 - Double Crystals made for free hanging so it can twist/turn = $24

9 Crystal colors to choose from! See in photos

Video of Arinna Ornament with Double Sided Peridot